Invisi-Lash FAQs
Can I get my Invisi-Lash wet?

We recommend not getting your Invisi-Lash wet until 24-48 hours after application, this allows time for the adhesive to fully set and adhere. After 24-48 hours you are then able to get these wet!

How do I cleanse the lashes once applied?

To cleanse your Invisi-Lash set once applied, we recommend using our lash cleansing mist. This ensures the best cleansing process and leaves the lashes looking fresh & fluffy. Alternatively you can use an oil-free cleanser.

Can I reuse the lashes once removed?

Our Invisi-Lash clusters are reusable. To get the most use out of your clusters we recommend removing your Invisi-Lash with our gentle remover and cleaning them with a micropore brush and our cleansing mist which will break down any makeup & oils ready to be reapplied.

How long do these last?

Up to 1 week.

How long should I wait after adding the adhesive to my lash before adding the cluster?

We advise leaving 1-2 seconds before applying the clusters to allow the adhesive (Invisi-Lash bond) to become more tacky. This helps with retention and helps the lashes stay in place.

Can I use mascara with invisi-lash?

No, we would not advise using mascara with your Invisi-Lash as it can prevent your lashes from sticking to the bond.

Can you use strip lash glue to apply these?

You are able to apply our clusters using our strip lash glue. However, this is for daily use only and should be removed at the end of each day like traditional strip lashes. If you want your lashes to last up to 1 week you would need to use our Invisi-Lash adhesive. We also recommend placing the clusters on top of the natural lash rather than underneath meaning you would apply the glue directly to the cluster rather than your natural lash.

How do I remove my lashes?

Please use our Invisi-Lashes remover to remove your lashes without any damage, alternatively you can also use an oil based cleaner to remove your lashes safely.

Do you have single length trays?

We have single length trays for styles: Tres Chic, Mon Cherie, Full Volume, Wispy Volume & Flawless Fans.

How long does Invisi-Lash last once opened?

Invisi-Lash has a shelf life of 6 months once opened.

Can I use Invisi-Lash while pregnant or breast feeding?

We advise consulting with your midwife or GP first.

Can I stack my Invisi-Lash Lashes?

Yes, you can stack your Invisi-Lash Lashes to create your own individual looks for your own preference.

I have had allergies / Irritation before to lash adhesives in the past. Would Invisi-Lash work for me?

We always advise to patch test our adhesives before using them to ensure you have now irritation or reaction.

My lashes won't stick...

Please make sure that your natural lashes are clean and dry before application and should you still be unable to apply these, please send over a step by step application process to our customer service team.

I can't apply the lashes...

Please be assured that these take practice and perseverance until you get the hang of it. All lash products and make up items take time and patience to complete as this is down to the individuals ability and experience.

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