Invisi-Lash remover
Invisi-Lash remover
Invisi-Lash remover
Invisi-Lash remover
Invisi-Lash removerInvisi-Lash removerInvisi-Lash removerInvisi-Lash remover

Invisi-Lash Remover


Remove and clean your Tatti Lashes Clusters with our NEW & IMPROVED ultra gentle 2-in-1 Invisi-Lash Remover & Lash Cleaning Solution!

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Remove and clean your Tatti Lashes Clusters with our NEW & IMPROVED ultra gentle 2-in-1 Invisi-Lash Remover & Lash Cleaning Solution!

Infused with Rose Oil to nourish and hydrate, our oil-based Invisi-Lash remover is formulated to work perfectly with our Invisi-Lash glue by breaking down the adhesive from your lashes and removing the lash clusters safely and easily. Our new easy to use wand gently brushes the fast acting remover along the clusters and your natural lashes to break down any adhesive.

This hardworking yet gentle remover quickly dissolves any traces of Invisi-Lash Adhesive while leaving your lashes nourished and healthy.

This multi-tasking formula can be also be used to remove Invisi-Lash Adhesive from your Lash Clusters. Did you know that by removing adhesive from your lash clusters, you can get multiple wears out of them? Our gentle solution is safe and suitable for use on your Tatti Lashes Individual lash fibres.

Maximise the life span of your Tatti Lashes Individual Clusters! 

Please note : This product is best used for removing our Invisi-Lash Adhesive and is part of the Tatti Lashes Invisi-Lash range.

Patch Test at least 48 hours before use. Patch test instructions are below.

Ingredients: Isopropyl Palmitate, Polyisobutene, Isododecane, Microcrystalline Wax, Pelagronium Roseum (Rose Geranium) Oil, Phenoxteythanol.

How to remove & clean

Patch Testing : We recommend completing a patch test before using our Invisi-Lash Remover. Apply the remover to a test spot twice daily for 48 hours.  Choose a 10p size spot on your skin where the product won't be rubbed off or washed away, such as your elbow or underside of your arm. To apply your patch test, swipe the remover applicator across your chosen test spot. If you experience any reactions/sensitivity, please discontinue use.

How To Remove Your Lash Clusters :

1. Gently brush the remover wand coated with product along your lashes and clusters. Focusing on the areas where you placed the bond adhesive.

2. Wait for 30 seconds for the remover to dissolve the bond for a seamless, smooth removal.

3. Use a cotton pad to gently slide the clusters away from your lashes, using a downward motion.

4. Brush through your lashes again using the remover wand and remove any final residue with a cotton pad.


Tatti Tip! If you feel there is still residue on your lashes, you can soak cotton buds in the removal solution and brush through any remaining glue on your lashes. 

How To Clean Your Lash Clusters :

1. Lay your Lash Clusters on a paper towel / cotton pad.

2. Gently brush the removal solution onto the Clusters. Wait for up to 30 seconds for the solution to begin to loosen the adhesive.

3. Gently wipe away any Invisi-Lash residue with a cotton pad.

4. If needed, repeat the previous steps until there is no residue left & lash clusters are clean!

5. Store your lashes back in their original lash tray ready to be re-worn.


Order before 9pm to receive your order the following day (Monday - Thursday, UK only). Any orders placed after 7pm on Thursday will be delivered on Monday. Any orders placed after 7pm on Saturday will be processed on Monday for Tuesday delivery (as it is a next working day service).

Please see our delivery page for shipping times and prices for your region.

Invisi-Lash Remover Invisi-Lash

Customer Reviews

Based on 739 reviews
Joanne Mason

Effective and easy to apply

Ella Cracknell

Invisi-Lash remover


Great product, protects natural lashes when removing cluster lashes

Ralph , Lisa
Love them!

I am so happy with the lashes. I was surprised at how easy they are to apply too.

Carole Nelson
Invisi lash remover

It’s fabulous. Works quickly and so easily


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