Tatti Lashes Glue Remover

Tatti Lashes

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Remover ingredients:

Gamma-butylates, propylene carbonate, bentonite, polysorbitol ester-80, methoxy isopropanol, squalane, rice bran oil, benzalkonium, etc

Remover shelf life is 6 months. 

Once opened use within 1 month Store in a cool place.

Storage temperature 20-25 degrees.

Directions for use-

Have a client sitting upright, place lash pad or tissue between lashes and ask client to close eyes. Wet micropore brush with remover. Stroke generous amount of cream over the adhesive on the lashes, wait a few minutes while it works it’s magic. Brush over lashes with a clean mascara wand. Repeat procedure if necessary. FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY



For the removal of Tatti Lash extensions only



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