Patch Testing

What is an Eyelash Extensions Glue Patch Test?

This is a test you should carry out at home to make sure you do not have any adverse reactions to your eyelash strip lashes. There are 2 methods of doing patch test for Eyelash Extensions Glue, first one is applying a small amount of glue to the last 3 lashes of your eye on the outer corner and second one is drop of glue on skin behind the ear.  We recommend you do both.

Method one: Applying the lashes on outer corners

Apply a small amount of glue to just three eyelashes at the outer corners of each eye and allow 24 hours to see if any reaction was caused. If nothing adverse occurred, you should be fine to use the strip lashes.

Method Two: Dropping glue on skin behind the ear

This second method is easier and quicker, as you just need to drop a small amount (drop) of each adhesive. Drop right behind the ear, on the lower side, as this is a very sensitive area and allow 24 hours to see if any reaction was caused.

We advise to do both methods of the patch test, prior to using the lashes, which is applying the glue to 3 lashes on outer corners of the eyes and the behind the ear test. If any irritation presents rinse the area thoroughly with cold water for several minutes to remove the product completely. If irritation persists please seek medical attention.

Eyelash Extensions Glue manufacturers recommend that you follow a simple patch test procedure to replicate the treatment 48 hours before the full application is carried out.