Tatti Lashes Disposable Glue Palette x 10

Tatti Lashes

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Tatti Lashes Disposable Glue Palette 

(26 individual pits for glue, sold in packs of x10)


 Tatti Lashes disposable glue pallets  are made from the highest quality silicone which will absorb the fumes and keep the glue in the best condition!

Each tray has 26 Individual Pits for glue coming in packs of 10 = 260 clients per pack

Simply drop the glue into a lash pit and start your lashing. Colour pink.

Why use this product?

Benefits of Tatti Lashes disposable glue pallets  are -

1. Cost effective ensuring longer usage of glue with no over spill.

1. Glue stays fresh & improves economical use of glue

2. Prevents air draughts modifying the adhesive viscosity by rapid evaporation

3. Helps to Prevent air dust contamination

4. 1-2 adhesive drops is sufficient for a full set

5. x1 tray can do 26 clients which is convenient to people who don't like to clean their jade stone/       glue tray after each use.

6. Our disposable Glue palettes are  made of high quality PVC material, light weight, easy to use.

7. Eyelash glue pallet perfect for beginners and experienced lash techs



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