Buy 4 Get 1 Free Pre-Russian Volume 3D Lash Tray

Pre-Russian Volume 3D Lash Tray

Tatti Lashes

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Select 5 packs at checkout to receive your 5th pack free (buy 4 get one free) +Mix & Match on any of our Russian, Classic & Blossom Lashes. 

Say hello to Tatti Lashes. Ultra light weight, Super soft, Russian volume lashes.

We are delighted to introduce the most advanced and ‘in style’ eyelash extensions on the market!

Our lash fans are symmetrical & perfectly spaced. 

3D Russian fans are 0.10 thickness & D curl (Added flick) to create a perfect set of Russian lashes. 

720 lashes per volume tray!

  • Knot free, using the very best synthetic lash materials
  • Straight forward & easy to use for both semi permanent & Russian volume lash techs.
  • Cost efficient
  • 3D & 4D fans to create wide range of lash looks
  • 7 lengths available: 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm & 15mm.
  • Ultra light weight & super soft
  • Not damaging your clients' natural lashes.   

Tatti lashes have taken Russian volume lashes to a whole new level. With an emphasis on quality, simplicity and speed, we are proud to promote these.

Mastering the Russian volume technique is time consuming, difficult, and can be very frustrating. Even the most talented and experienced lash artists find it very difficult because it requires absolute precision. It can take MONTHS to master the volume eyelash technique.

Thanks to Tatti Lashes you can now skip this long, intense part and start offering russian volume eyelash extensions to your clients!
You don’t need any special volume lash training. Our pre-fanned Lashes are suitable for anyone trained in regular 1:1 eyelash extension as it’s the same 1:1 technique, but with 3:1 & 4:1 volume eyelash results!

 We know how time consuming it is being a lash technician. Our Tatti Lash trays are hand-crafted in 3D and 4D volume and are perfectly fanned for you.
Having pre-fanned lashes can halve production time and really help you build up your client base!
Say goodbye to semi-perm lashes and move forward with our advanced Russian volume Tatti Lashes.



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