UVLash Full Kit & Course
UVLash Full Kit & Course
UVLash Full Kit & Course
UVLash Full Kit & Course
UVLash Full Kit & Course
UVLash Full Kit & Course
UVLash Full Kit & Course
UVLash Full Kit & Course
UVLash Full Kit & Course
UVLash Full Kit & Course
UVLash Full Kit & Course
UVLash Full Kit & CourseUVLash Full Kit & CourseUVLash Full Kit & CourseUVLash Full Kit & CourseUVLash Full Kit & CourseUVLash Full Kit & CourseUVLash Full Kit & CourseUVLash Full Kit & CourseUVLash Full Kit & CourseUVLash Full Kit & CourseUVLash Full Kit & Course

UV Lash Kit & Course

UV Lash System

Introducing the UV Lash System by Tatti Lashes. Our UV Kit includes everything you need for your UV Lash journey.

No Carbon Black No Carbon Black
CE Approved CE Approved
Rapid Cure Rapid Cure
Better Retention Better Retention
100% Safe 100% Safe
Low Fumes Low Fumes
New in
UK Next Day Delivery

Introducing the UV Lash System by Tatti Lashes. Our UV Kit includes everything you need for your UV Lash journey.

Unlike traditional lash adhesive the new UV Glue cures with an UV light instead of oxygen (air drying). This means the adhesive is fully cured after just 1-2 seconds.

Not only does this mean you can move on to the very next lash with zero chance of ‘stickies’ forming but all fumes are eliminated directly.

Due to the adhesive fully curing under UV light temperature and humidity are no longer a factor and clients no longer need to avoid water or steam after the application.

Our clear adhesive formula is Carbon Black free meaning those allergic to Carbon Black can now receive lash extension treatment again. PLEASE PATCH TEST 24 HRS BEFORE USE. For professional use only.

Each Kit Includes :
UV Lamp - 1 Year Warranty
Manual & User Guide
UV Glue 5ml - PAO 2 months
UV Glue Remover 15ml - PAO 6 months
UV Safety Glasses

    Ingredients :
    UV Glue:
     Ethyl Cyanoacrylate, Polymethyl Methacrylate, Photoinitiator.
    UV Remover: Propylene Carbonate, Bentonite, Dimethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate.

    UV Lamp Specifications :
    Wavelength : 405-410NM
    DC 5V / 2A
    Flexible Gooseneck Length : 75cm
    Length Of Stand Underneath : 10cm
    Base Diameter :  25.8cm
    CE Safety Mark

    Effects and benefits of our UV Lash System

    • Minimal vapours.
    • Can get wet straight away.
    • Increased retention.
    • Humidity & temperature no longer plays a role.
    • Zero chance of ‘stickies’ forming.
    • No need for bonders.
    • Speed up your lash appointments.


      *To complete this course you must be fully qualified and have a certificate in classic eyelash extensions. This course is fully accredited by The CPD Certifications Services.

      Glue is for use with Tatti Lashes UV LED lamp only.
      The glue should be stored in the supplied pouch to protect it from UV light.
      It should also be stored in a cool and dry place if possible, but never in the refrigerator.
      In case of contact with eyes, rise immediately with plenty of water.
      If irritation or redness persists seek medical attention.

      The optical radiation safety of this UV Lash System was tested by an accredited laboratory, demonstrating that no hazards are posed to the skin and eye in normal use. It should be noted that the LED technology used to achieve such quick curing times is very intense. Do no stare at the LED light and ensure that the customer’s eyes are closed during activation of the light source.

        Download Glue Safety Data Sheet.

        Download Remover Safety Data Sheet.

        Download Lamp Certificate Of Conformity. 

        Download UV Lamp Safety Assessment.

        Course information

        Please note, you must be 16+ to pass this course. We advise 16-17 year olds to contact insurance companies prior to purchasing there course. You must already be qualified in Classic Lash Extensions to take this course.

        How Does This Course Work?

        Upon purchasing you’ll receive a confirmation email with your private link to access our Theory & Practical Training Videos. The Training Manual PDF will be automatically emailed to you as part of your order confirmation email (please check junk folder too).

        Within 2 working days (UK, International shipping may vary) of purchasing the course you will receive the Tatti Lashes UV Lash System Kit which includes everything you will need to practice your new techniques, worth £225!

        Once you have received your kit, you are free to click the private link to the private video and start the course.

Don't forget to have your manual to hand. We would advise to print out the manual so that you can take notes.

        You will have unlimited on demand access to course video files so you can rewatch and build your confidence as you train. This is one of the perks of doing the course online as opposed to doing a 1 day training course.

        What will be covered :

        • *What are UV Bonded Extensions?
        • *Safety of the UV lamp
        • *Health & safety Laws
        • *Contraindications and Contra-Actions
        • *How to patch test
        • *How to set up your lamp
        • *Preparation, Application and Removal
        • *Theory questions

        What Is Included In My Kit?

        • *UV Lamp
        • *UV Glue
        • *UV Glue Remover
        • *UV Safety Glasses

        All kits are subject to availability and may change.

        How do I pass?

        You will be required to complete a Theory assessment. You will need to answer 6 questions that can be found in your manuals. Please complete these questions and send over to onlinetraining@tattilashes.com.

        This course is fully accredited by The CPD Certifications Services. Once the course is complete you will be a professional, fully qualified eyelash extension technician with an accredited certificate. 

        Can you fail this course?

        No! If we feel that you are not ready. We will provide you with constructive feedback and work with you on resubmitting case studies until you are ready.

        We would never pass a student that we feel is not ready. We want to be confident of your skillset prior to going into the eyelash industry.

        This service is available for 6 months after purchasing your course. It can take 7-10 days for our trainer to assess your case study. If you would like a hard copy of your certificate, please email training@tattilashes.com to proceed. This comes with a cost of £10.

        Who should I contact?

        For general enquiries please email training@tattilashes.com for details. To submit your case study please email onlinetraining@tattilashes.com.

        Can I get a refund?

        Please note - payment is non-refundable and course dates are non-transferable.


        Order before 9pm to receive your order the following day (Monday - Thursday, UK only). Any orders placed after 7pm on Thursday will be delivered on Monday. Any orders placed after 7pm on Saturday will be processed on Monday for Tuesday delivery (as it is a next working day service).

        Please see our delivery page for shipping times and prices for your region.

        UV Lash Kit & Course UV Lash System
        My lashes last so much longer

        My lashes last so much longer as the retention is so much better! The UV system is much more durable and I love that I can get my lashes wet immediately.

        Ava Chalmers
        No shedding even after 2 weeks

        I've currently had my lashes for 2 weeks and only just starting to notice the odd one come out with my natural lash, amazing! My lashes also feel lighter than I'm used to. Absolutely recommend.

        Danni Gorrian
        Instantly waterproof lashes

        With the UV System, I feel like the whole process is faster and easier, and I don’t have to be scared to ruin the lashes if I wash my face or shower that night.

        Leona Bruce 
        They look like a fresh set 2 weeks in

        I hardly see any loss for the first few days, especially overnight (I’m a toss and turner). I end up booking infills later than usual because the retention is so much better, they look like a fresh set 2 weeks in.

        Leona Bruce
        Finally, a glue I'm not allergic to

        After becoming allergic to lash adhesive postpartum, I've finally been able to access lash services again thanks to the UV lash system. It’s worked wonders for my confidence, I thought my lash extension days were well and truly over but this system has saved the day!

        Ameyy Duffus 
        Lash appointment with no fumes!

        I've recently had my lashes done with the UV system and it was amazing to open my eyes to no stinging! The actual process was completely comfortable, I did feel a slight warmth when the light was on, but it was relaxing rather than anything!

        Danni Gorrian
        This system is amazing

        The UV system and lashes are amazing. I always get comments on how good my lashes look, even 3 weeks later!

        Clare McCulloch
        No irritation whatsoever!

        The UV system has been great. I have less fallouts and they have lasted longer. My lashes feel lighter and no irritation whatsoever. 100% recommend!

        Esther Aderbigbe 
        My lashes have never looked better

        The new UV System creates results that are even better than normal glues, although I wouldn't have dreamed that to be possible!

        Sue Higgins
        UVLash System Q&A

        Want to know more about our UVLash System? We've put together some of the most frequently asked questions about this new generation of technology within the lash industry.

        Is the UVLash System safe?

        Our system has been rigorously tested and is 100% safe! The optical radiation safety of this lamp was tested by an accredited laboratory, demonstrating that no hazards are posed to the skin or eye area in normal use. Before use, the operating instructions and all safety instructions must be read and observed.

        Will lash retention increase? 

        We have found that the UV Bond is much more robust than traditional adhesive. This is due to the adhesive curing instantly, so factors such as temperature and humidity no longer disrupt the curing process. We get it, clients live busy lives, and a multitude of factors can result in a compromised bond once your client leaves your salon. This is no longer a worry with UV glue thanks to the instant cure, resulting in a much stronger bond and better retention. Please note, the lashes will only last until the natural lash falls out as part of the natural hair growth cycle.

        Does the light harm the eye?

        If you follow our safety instructions, it won’t hurt yours or your clients eyes! You just have to make sure that neither you nor your client look directly into the light. However, this can not happen when the system is used correctly, because the lamp shines from above onto the closed eyelid and never directly into the eye.

        As a lash technician, you will have no direct exposure to the UV light and are advised to use our UV400 safety glasses for additional protection.

        Does the UVLash System work with all lashes? 

        Yes, our UV Lash system works with all types of lashes - Classics, Flat Lashes, Russian Volume Lashes, Easy Fan Lashes, and Pre-Made Fans.

        What is the lifespan of the lamp? 

        The approximate life of the lamp is an incredible 30,000 hours! Considering the light is only on for around 3-5 minutes per client, this works out at roughly 360,000 sets of lashes. 

        How do I trigger the light?

        The light is triggered with a foot pedal, so you have both hands free for work.

        How far should the light be from the eye?

        The lamp head should be about 10 – 15cm away from the natural lashes and the glue dot should be in the centre of the light cone.

        How do I store the adhesive? 

        The UV glue should be stored in it's UV resistant bag, away from sunlight. It should also be stored in a cool and dry place if possible, but never in the refrigerator.

        Does the adhesive work with handmade fans?

        Absolutely! The adhesive is ideal for handmade fans. It doesn’t creep up, makes a great slim base and keeps the fans full, fluffy and open!

        What is the shelf life of the adhesive? 

        When stored correctly, the glue has a shelf life of 2 months after opening. Unopened, the glue has a shelf life of 6 months.

        Do I have to shake the adhesive? 

        Yes, you should shake the glue for about 30 seconds so that the formula is well mixed.

        What if I want to work eye to eye?

        There are several possibilities :

        1. You tilt your client’s head to one side at a time.

        2. You change the position in each case.

        3. You purchase a second lamp and use one lamp per eye. You operate the right lamp with your right foot and the left lamp with your left foot. This is the most popular option if you want to alternate the eyes.

        However, lash-to-lash glueing is the easiest option with the UVLash System – because the adhesive cures immediately, you can go straight to the next lash without fear of stickies. 

        Will my ring light affect the treatment?

        No, don’t worry, you won’t have any problems here. Only UV light will cure the adhesive.

        Is the adhesive oil resistant? 

        Our UV adhesive is more forgiving when exposed to oil, AND you will see in increase in retention for oiler clients. However this adhesive is not 100% oil resistant. Products containing oil should still be avoided to ensure best results. 

        How do you remove the lashes? 

        You will receive a UV Glue Remover in your kit. You can remove the lashes using your usual technique using our UV Glue Remover.

        Can allergies occur?

        The two main ingredients in normal lash adhesive that causes reactions are cyanoacrylate and carbon black.

        The UV Lash adhesive is carbon black free. We conducted some tests and 80% of former lash allergy clients who were unable to wear lash extensions can now have professional lash extensions again.

        This is because they were allergic to the carbon black, not the cyanoacrylate.

        Those who are allergic to cyanoacrylate unfortunately will still react using this system.

        This is why a patch test must always be performed and is also why this system is not advertised as completely allergy free. 

        Does the adhesive contain cyanoacrylate?

        Yes, it does. When testing formulas, we found that if we removed cyanoacrylate from the adhesive completely, the adhesive performance would be greatly compromised, resulting in a slower cure and poor adhesion.

        Cyanoacrylate is a great bonder, making it fantastic for longer lash retention.

        Will the UV Light age the skin around the eye?

        Our UV Lamp uses LED technology, with the proportion of blue light being much lower than both sunlight and moonlight and less harmful.

        Typically to induce ageing a person would have to expose themselves to LED light for many hours over many days – for example using a sunbed. Our UV Lamp uses x3.5 less power compared to an average lamp and 500x less power than a sunbed.

        During the Lash application, the UV Lamp can be adjusted to either cover a wider area or pinpoint to the specific Lash application area to minimise exposure.

        Our Lash technicians will take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of their customers – for example by applying a tape around the skin below the eyelashes where the LED Light is directed.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 5 reviews
        Georgina Beccan

        UVLash Full Kit & Course

        Kay-Lee Hutchinson
        So glad I waited

        I was debating buying this from another company when tatti lashes didn't do it. They offered no education as part of it, and when I contacted them and asked questions I felt they were passive. They were a brand new company that have only just come to the UK. After their message to me I thought I'd leave it. Then a few months later Tatti Lashes, who I've brought my lashes off for a couple of years now, brought their UV system out. I didnt hesitate and just brought it. I did the course straight away and got my certificate which is more than you got with the other company.
        The actual process is the same in applying. It does take some getting use to and I think keep moving the lamp is the down fall. Clients always move and one minute it's in the correct place and you go to press it and they've moves. You can change the lense to cover a bigger area which I have now done. Retention so far seems amazing. So really happy with it, I'll hopefully pick up more clients being one of the first in my area to offer them. Thanks Tatti Lashes

        Keely Jones

        This system has changed my lash game!! The retention is insane and it’s made my lash appointments quicker and my clients are loving it

        Katie Sherriff
        UV SYSTEM

        Amazing new lash system I prefer it to the usual lash glue method & all my Clients are converting over! :)

        UV Lash Course

        I found the UV lash system course really straight forward and knowledgable. Sean knows her stuff :) so excited to receive my kit and get started


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