Invisi-Lash Glue
Invisi-Lash Glue
Invisi-Lash Glue
Invisi-Lash Glue
Invisi-Lash Glue

Invisi-Lash Glue


Our Invisi-Lash Bond & Seal paired with our Individual Clusters works to create a seamless lash look.



Our Invisi-Lash Bond & Seal paired with our Individual Clusters works to create a seamless lash look.

Not like your average adhesive, Invisi-Lash locks lashes into place for 3-4 days. The 'bond' side of our Invisi-Lash can be applied like mascara to your natural lashes and our 'seal' side locks your lashes in place once Individual Clusters are applied.


- Latex Free

- Vegan & Cruelty Free

- patch test before use

- Works best without mascara to create a natural & seamless look

- Pairs perfectly with our Individual Clusters

- Size: 2x 3G

- Shelf Life: 6 month (once opened)

- Keep out of reach of children


How To Apply:

1. Brush a light coat of "bond" from the Invisi-Lash Adhesive on your natural lashes (like you would mascara)

2. Apply the Individual Lashes of your choice under the base of your natural lashes, away from your waterline. Using the curved side of your applicator clamp down the lashes to ensure they are fully bonded.

3. Apply a small amount of the "seal" from the Invisi-Lash to eliminate any residue and to hold the clusters in place.

TATTI TIP: Make sure your applicator does not have glue on it for an easy application. We recommend wiping the applicator down regularly if glue build up does occur. This product is Latex Free. 

For removal

Our invisi-lash remover is formulated to work perfectly with our invisi-lash glue by breaking down the adhesive from your lashes and removing the lash clusters safely and easily. For more information please see our invisi-lash remover product description for instructions.

Don’t have invisi-lash remover? Another method we recommend for removal is using an oil based makeup remover which will break down the adhesive (same with lash extensions) Brush through your lashes with a clean mascara wand to break down the adhesive or dab with a cotton pad. Adding baby oil to your remover will help break down the glue.


Order before 3pm to receive your order the following day (Monday - Thursday, UK only). Any orders placed after 3pm on Thursday will be delivered on Monday. Any orders placed after 3pm on Saturday will be processed on Monday for Tuesday delivery (as it is a next working day service).

Please see our delivery page for shipping times and prices for your region.


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Georgia Cruse

If like me, you can’t keep up with the time, effort and costs of lash extensions, these will change your life!! I mix 2 styles on my lashes, they last a week if not longer and are so easy to apply!! I will never go back, just perfect for a holiday, night out or festival and so worth the money. You will not regret buying!

Uzmah Khalil

Great lashes

Jill Hamm

Love this Invisi lash glue, it allows me to have my lashes on for 5 days without any problems.

Laura Marshall

I’m useless at applying strip lashes so this is perfect for me! The clusters stick instantly without waiting for it to go tacky like strip glue, and they’re applied under the lash so it looks seamless! I would definitely recommend the remover as well, love these products so much


Glue works really well as lashes stay on for about 5/6 days, only downside is I don’t have many lashes to start with and the glue clumps them together so I have even less eyelashes to attach the clusters too.

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