TL Mitchell 2 Gift Set

Tatti Lashes

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Introducing our NEW Gift Set brought to you with @MMMMitchell!

TL Mitchell 2 is dramatic, long & wispy. TL Mitchell 2 is one of a kind due to it's 5D luxury layers pleated effect. 

Lash Qualities

  • Added layers
  • 5D volume
  • Extra long & wispy 
  • The ultimate beauty accessory for makeup artists
  • Reusable up to 15 times (if cared for properly)

TL Mitchell Under Lash was created by Tatti Lashes x MMMMitchell using advanced technology to design a signature look. 

Mitchell had been customising bottom lashes for years. There was nothing of this quality on the market. After years of experience it is only right that Tatti Lashes  x Mitchell could bring to you the perfect under lash.

Lash Qualities

  • Super easy to apply
  • 3D fluffy effect
  • 8 individual clusters per eye for customised look
  • Reusable if cared for properly

TL Mitchell Brush on Lash Adhesive - we know too well the importance of a high quality lash adhesive. MMMMitchell is a perfectionist, none more so than when it comes to lash adhesive. 

Through extensive research we created a formula that is perfect for professional use. Mitchell has customised every aspect of developing this adhesive. From the drying time to the applicator wand.

Adhesive Qualities

  • Has slight blue tint to glue which dries clear
  • Applicator glides across lash
  • Dries almost instantly 
  • Non toxic, latex free and good for sensitive skin
  • Waterproof
  • Not tested on animals


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