MUA Bundle Glue

MUA Bundle Glue

Tatti Lashes

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A long-lasting clear lash adhesive for strip eyelashes. Dries instantly.

Glue Composition

Polyacrylate (50-51%), Deionised water (48-49%), Emulsifying agent (1.5%), Ammonium Sulphate (less than 0.03%)
The glue should be used for the purposes of affixing the eyelashes only and is only suitable for use externally.  
Polyacrylate and ammonium sulphate can both cause mild skin irritation in some cases. As such we strongly advise you to carry out patch testing as outlined below before using the product. Anyone with known allergies to any of the ingredients should not use this product. If in doubt please consult with your own GP or medical consultant before use. Anyone with sensitive skin, on long term medication or skin treatments should consult their treating physician before using this product.
If accidentally ingested seek medical attention.
If the glue comes into contact with the eye itself rinse eye for several minutes under running water and consult a GP or medical consultant if any symptoms or irritation persist.
*See footer for Patch Testing


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