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D Curl Eyelash extensions

2400 lashes per tray 
The NEW Flat Lashes are taking the industry by storm. We think you should take the next step, and transform from round to flat.
Tatti Lashes Flat Eyelash extensions provide the thickness of a 0.20mm lash but with the weight of a 0.07mm lash. The Oval Shape and rhomboid structure create a better fit without additional weight which will help your lashes last longer.
These lashes have been cleverly designed with the purpose of excellent bonding and the ability to merge around your natural lash resulting in less glue retention.
Tatti Lashes Flat Lashes are designed to give the appearance of a more glamorous, full volume look! 
Mix & Match on any of our Russian, Classic, Flat & Blossom Lashes.


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