Tatti Lashes Ultra Bonding Glue - 10ml

Tatti Lashes

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Tatti Lashes Ultra Bonding Glue for eyelash extensions - for professional use (for Russian volume or classic lash application)

Size - 10ml

A long-lasting lash adhesive for professional eyelash extensions. Dries instantly.

Drying Time - 1-2 seconds - allowing you to work at great speed!

Bonding Time - 5/6 weeks

Consistency - Thin

Colour - Black

Shelf Life - 1 year (use within 3 months of opening)

*Store at room temperature, not suitable for sensitive eyes

*Do not store in refrigerator 

*Fumes - strong

*Important. This glue should only be applied by a Qualified Beauty Therapist (not for self application)

Please store it in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight, but not in a fridge as the humidity in a fridge may be too high.

ALWAYS shake the Adhesive thoroughly before each use/opening.  Make sure you put the cap on firmly to prevent the adhesive coming into contact with the air. Then put it straight back in the air tight wallet and seal it. Always keep bottle upright and wipe nozzle after use.
Tip** To get the most out of your adhesive, always put it back in the air tight wallet that it comes with every time it is used.  Tip on website to be added with bonding glue. 

Do not store lash adhesive with lash primer as primer can make the glue dry up faster. The two products must be stored in separate areas when not in use.

 **Use with extreme care & attention. It is your responsibility to ensure the guidelines above are adhered to. 


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